Breaking Free

Written and directed by Marta Abate and Michelangelo Frola
With Simone Benelli, Francesco Fontana,
——-Damiano Grondona, Chiara Leugio, Sofia Pagano 

Producted by ScenaMadre
Co-Producted by Gli Scarti
Supported by Genoa Municipality -Start and Go project, Teatro Pubblico Ligure
Art residencies Officine Papage, Teatro Nazionale di Genova


“When I was young they used to tell me
sport would teach me life’s true values.
But I actually learned them just playing on the beach
or in the courtyard with my friends”.


With Breaking Free we would like to smile and make people smile about some aspects of sport, such as dressing rooms, movies and tv commentaries speeches:
you must always give your best, you can never lose or be left behind.

But wasn’t sport supposed to be a play, first of all?
What about imagination? About collaboration?
What about time for learning? What about time for losing, because that’s how we learn things?