Education professionals’ review

Primary school teachers:

la stanza dei giochiOne the most beautiful plays that I’ve ever seen. It conveys a deep and very important message, especially for our society full of walls and hate messages ”.

Poetical, essential. It starts from a contract which turns into a blackmail. Peace is not a natural condition, but an achievement (after several wars). It made me think that loneliness often starts from our inability to share”.

“I am both a teacher and a parent, and I can say that The games room is perfect  mirror of our ordinary life. We all, adults and children, struggle to accept each other and to share what we have”.

“This play will make my students think about their attitude to sharing. We all live in a selfish, “right away and all at once” world, so that’s an interesting play both for children and adults”.

Social pedagogues:

La stanza dei giochi -scenamadreIt captured me from the beginning to the end. It was like looking in a mirror. A fist in the stomach, a clear, strong, stimulating message staged in an original way. The games room is a play able to dig up inside your soul, to ask you important questions, to remind you that can always stop and choose. And there are just two children on scene to teach you that”.
Maria T., social pedagogue and educationalist

The games room conveys a key message both for children and adults: the importance of understanding your own mistakes and limits and to admitting them humbly”
Manuela G, educationalist