Olly Olly Oxen Free – tour history

Where we have been with OLLY OLLY OXEN FREE so far.

Theatres, summer festivals, but also unconventional places.

Staging a play in a place which is not supposed to host theatre plays is a little unconfortable,
but that’s the way people who think theatre is boring can actually find out it is not true.
That’s the same people that after the play come to thank you and tell you they had a lot of fun.


July 2022 – Monterotondo Marittimo (PI) – COLLINE GEOTERMICHE FESTIVAL

August 2022 – Deiva Marina (SP) – NUOVE TERRE FESTIVAL

September 2022 – S. Ambrogio di Susa (TO) – NATURA IN GIOCO FESTIVAL

December 2022 – La Spezia – FUORILUOGO THEATRE


May 2023 – Rubiera (RE) – CORTE OSPITALE