The games room

Scenario Infanzia Award 2014

Dallorso Theatre Award 2015

Created by Marta Abate e Michelangelo Frola
Interpreted by Sofia Ghiorsi/Lucia Oca and Francesco Scavo
Production  ScenaMadre
Co-producted by Gli Scarti

A room full of toys, where you can spend hours playing, laughing, creating, having fun.
That is a games room in a child’s imagination.
But it only takes the slightest thing to turn an innocent field into a battlefield,
a conflict where each game triggers and feeds a different shade of selfishness.
Two children in their games room: they will soon learn that a simple game can be an instrument to deceive, blackmail, threaten.
The games room is a small Cold War where reality intertwines with game,
time stops being an unchanging parameter and adults are uninvited.


“A laical and deeply human seach, a different way of being through theatre. A patient construction of grace” – Gagarin

“Do children imitate adults in their meanest behaviours? Or maybe are adults often childish, in their conflicts and power-plays? –

“Poetry and cruelty in their dialogues, charm and brutality in their gestures. And us, adults and parents, in the mirror, with our sons” – D-la Repubblica

“A scene completely entrusted to child actors’ unaffectedness to overturn the Theatre for Young Audiences standard
and rediscover the essential connection between theatre and game.
The eternal themes of human condition are subtly revealed through a filigree of conflicts, complicity, little acts of selfishness and positions of power.
A wise, clear and simple drama which discloses the deep and poetical dimension of childhood”.

Scenario Infanzia Award – Committee’s decision