TRE press review

“The three actors, magically well connected with the public and among themselves, dance, jump, run in the chairs, always keeping a high expressive level and the audience’s attention alive, thanks to a well flowing text”
18/03/2022 Angela Villa on

“In the expression of emotions, in the bursting anger and in the lacerating silent (…): in all these moments the spectator see himself and get purified”
30/06/2021 Inbox Generation

“THREE is composed and stages with fun and accuracy, grace and tidiness. An essential and necessary theatre able to make us smile and move, think and imagine”
22/10/2020 Michele Pascarella on Hystrio

“THREE is the result of a long, patient team work, impact resistant and able to resist to the insecurity of the theatre system. A play able not just able to work fine, but also to move everyone”
22/09/2020  L’oca

“THREE is a true discovery: an example of theatre and educational research, which in a hig-level festival like Kilowatt has the credit to stand out”
08/09/2020 Scene

“…a heated rhythm, with a very precise acting tecnique: THREE swings between the funny irony of an apparently perfect domestic life and the intimate desperation of an unstoppable and not-shared growth”
21/08/2020 Teatro e

“Fresh, joyous, credibile, THREE is a funny consideration about how economy influences all aspects of our life, including family”

“Second place to THREE, with its beautiful and lively young actors, bravely and admirably directed by the two directors-pedagogues Marta Abate and Michelangelo Frola”
27/07/2020 Jury’s motivation for the II° place at Festival teatrale di Resistenza

“At last, a play for teenagers, ironic, deep and intelligent”
21/07/2020  Mario Bianchi on


THREE: a family seen from outside, inside, behind, above.
13/07/2020  Raffaella Ilari for Festival teatrale di Resistenza

Families in precarious balance Interview to ScenaMadre
24/10/2019 Teatro e Critica for LoveSharing Festival