Are children imitating adults in their meanest behaviours?
Or maybe are adults often childish, infantile in their conflicts and power-plays?

Poetry and cruelty in their dialogues, charm and brutality in their gestures.
And us, adults and parents, in the mirror, with our sons

D – La Repubblica

A laical and deeply human seach, a different way of being through theatre. A patient construction of grace

A play from children to children, but also to those adults who have lost themselves

It’s a theatre play which stages a game, it’s playing in a play.
Because childhood is not just an age of life, but also a treasure hidden in each of us”


With extreme delicacy, Marta Abate and Michelangelo Frola have built a play for adults, children, and that child who still lives in each of us, a child who doesn’t forget that games room and the dreams we had then