Breaking free – press review

“In front of our more and more interested adult eyes, these young actors express the
difficulties of living in a suffocating society which constantly wants us to take advantage of others”

1/09/2022 Valentina Mancini on

“A play staged by young actors that should be seen by everyone,
especially the younger generation. Important and complex themes emerge with simplicity and subtle irony

26/12/2022 Jonas – Center for contemporary psycology

“In this play we laugh about sport, but it is a bitter laugh.
Today, sport is not a game to enjoy but a business, a stage for conflict bounded by vanity and precise rules.
The play shows us the empty rituals, the outdated formulas, the fake teachings, the unfair education to defeat others, the perverse role of parents.

22/05/2023 Eolo – Young audience theatre magazine